Venttek brand was born in 2007 from our main firm Incircioglu Ltd.'s desire to produce more reliable high efficiency fans for our customers in hvac sector. Venttek Fans are produced under the license agreement that was established between Incircioğlu and German ventilation firm Russwurm Ventilatoren GmbH. We are able to answer all your Radial and Axial Fan needs with our wide range of high efficiency Venttek products.

Venttek's central office is located in Yenibosna, Istanbul and production plant is located in Muratlı, Tekirdağ. Our production plant has 16000 m2 open area and 4000 m2 of closed production.

Assistant General Manager Erdal A. Incircioglu stated that “While expanding and renewing our production facilities, our product range renewed and enhanced as well.  Venttek and Incircioglu is planning to expand its exports by producing more and better quality products with its new CNC worktables.  Our product range will grow larger with our new German partner.  We will be able to produce larger capacity products licensed by Germany. Our main strategy is achieving maximum customer satisfaction by producing better quality and efficient products.”

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